קרא עוד

Mini Doublemaster, the ultimate Indoor-Biplane, trimmed for no-compromise aerobatics.

In addition to the Indoor Hawk, Robbe is offering an In- and Outdoor Depron biplane.

Mini Doublemaster, the ultimate flying model, has be trimmed for no-compromise neutral flying behaviour. Doesn´t matter whether inverted or in knife-edge, the Doublemaster will always fly straight. low weight, and as a result very manoevrable. Torsionally stiff, thus also good for Outdoors. Complicated figures, such as knife-edge loops or simple rolling loops, are with Mini Doublemaster no problem. Perfect for F3A in the sports-hall. Clean "ratchetting" in flick rolls. Inverted flat spins without 

breaking the tail.


Wingspan: 860 mm

All-up weight: 210 g

Wing Loading: 6.80 g/dm2

Wing area: 30.96 dm

Length: 990 mm