קרא עוד

Semi-scale model of the "Pitts S12" aerobatic biplane, of moulded Arcel construction.

The Pitts S12 has much in common with the original Pitts 190 Special, designed for Betty Skelton back in 1947, although our model, assembled from Arcel components, is based on a later development. The full-size Pitts S12 first flew in 1996, and represents a conversion of the airframe to accommodate the powerful (400 BHP) radial engine.

This distinctive "look" is carried over in the model with the vacuum-moulded cowl. The modern BL power unit with its excellent torque provides a performance to match the original in every respect.

When the model is assembled, all the important parameters (longitudinal dihedral, motor thrustline, etc.) are defined by the kit components themselves. The parts are moulded in coloured foam, which eliminates the need for a painted finish. All you 

have to do to produce a good-looking aerobatic sports aircraft is apply the decals.


Wingspan: 900 mm

All-up weight: 1170 g

Wing Loading: 37.00 g/dm2

Wing area: 32.00 dm

Length: 960 mm