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1250 1400(-10.71%)
  • מותג: X-UAV
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: 239000003-0

קרא עוד

If you are looking for the ultimate FPV plane, check out the new Skua from X-UAV. Designed from the outset for long duration FPV duty, the Skua places function over form, creating a very utilitarian platform.

The all molded EPO airframe features easy access to cameras, FPV transmitteries, batteries, or any other equipment you might place on board. The kit comes un-assembled with EPO and laser cut plywood parts, meaning you have virtually unlimited options for how you configure the model. A carbon fiber tail boom houses the rudder and elevator servos close to the tail providing very direct linkage connections, and maximizing space in the fuselage area. Transporting the Skua is easy thanks to it's 2-piece plug in wings, plus the lower fuselage pod removes easily from the main fuselage.

Using a 4S 10,000mAh battery, flight times well over 4 hours can be achieved thanks to the generous wing area and low wing loading of the Skua. A generous fuselage compartment with large top hatch, removable nose bubble and dual side doors allows you to access your FPV equipment and flight battery in any configuration you choose. It is an open canvas for your FPV needs. 

• Kit - All assembly and equipment installation required
• Moulded EPO airframe
• Hinged side access doors
• Removable nose bubble for quick access to camera equipement.
• Large fuselage compartment accomodates many battery and FPV equipement configurations.
• Two Piece plug in wings with carbon wing tube
• Light weight carbon fuselage boom
• Tricycle landing gear

Wingspan: 2100mm
Length: 1150mm
Flying Weight: 2500-3000g
Wing Area: 55 sq. dm.
Lower Compartment Dimensions: 270x70x93mm

4+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
4S 14.8V 5000-10000mAh LiPoly Battery
2 x 9g Servos
2 x 17g Servos
3720 1200KV Brushless Motor
12 Inch or less diameter propeller
60A Brushless Speed Control