Ultra Stick 25e ARF, 50"

טיסן חשמלי שלב שני דגם Ultra Stick 25e ARF, 50" גוף בלבד- יש להשלים אלקטרוניקה

  • מותג: E-FLITE
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: EFL4025

קרא עוד

Key Features

  • Fully built and covered airframe is highly prefabricated
  • All flight control surfaces are prehinged
  • Aft float mount is included with kit for flying off water
  • Firewall set up for two different brushless outrunner motors
  • Fully prebuilt and covered airframe
  • Strong landing gear mounts for smooth grass takeoffs and landings
  • Preinstalled steerable tailwheel
  • Prehinged flight control surfaces
  • Large wing area
  • Wing designed for optional quad flaps

Needed To Complete

Radio System: 4 channels or more (7 with quad flaps).
Motor: Power 25 Outrunner or Power 32.
ESC: 40A-60A brushless (depending on battery and prop used).
Battery: 10-cell 12.0V 1800mAh NiMH or 3-cell 4200mAh Li-Po .
Servos: 4 JR SPORT MN-48 (JSP20040) .


This plane is based on the hugely popular Hangar 9® Ultra Sticks and offers the same excellent flying characteristics, but with electric power rather than glow.

No other .25-size Stick on the market comes out of the box with so much ready to go. The airframe is fully built and covered, the steerable tailwheel is factory-installed and the control surfaces are prehinged. That means less assembly time and more flying time for the modeler.

It’s also set up to accept two different brushless applications, giving consumers more options to fit into their personal preferences. Plus, the wing is designed for optional quad-flap configuration, and separately purchased fiberglass floats can be added for fun touch-and-go’s at the lake.