• מותג: HANGAR-9
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: HAN4210

קרא עוד

Key Features

  • Proven Sport 3D design
  • Electric Power option
  • Bolt-together design with control surfaces prehinged
  • Top-quality balsa and ply construction
  • Attractive Hangar 9 Ultracote trim scheme

Needed To Complete

Needed to Complete–Glow: 

• 4-channel radio system w/5 servos 
• Engine 
• Propeller
• Spinner

Needed to Complete–Electric: 

• 4-channel radio system w/4 servos 
• Electric motor 
• Speed control 
• Battery pack 
• Propeller
• Spinner


3D doesn't get any more fun, or convenient, than this. The Twist 3D 60 ARF from Hangar 9 is a versatile aerobatic aircraft that lets you fly any way you want, whether you’re into glow fuel or electric. It includes an electric power option with all necessary hardware included. No conversion is necessary, so you can go electric right from the start.

From knife-edge to harriers, flat spins to hovers, the Twist 3D 60 has the 3D moxie you demand. And with its bold electric power option and bolt-together assembly, it has the convenience and reliability you trust from Hangar 9.