MX-12 +GR12+3XG

  • מותג: GRAUPNER
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: 33114

קרא עוד

FHSS, frequency hopping over up to 75 channels


Maximum interference immunity through optimised frequency hopping, wider channel spread and antenna diversification


Intelligent data transfer including error correction


Extremely wide range


Range test and warning function


Undervoltage warning


Extremely wide receiver operating voltage range of 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V)


Numerous fail-safe functions


Key-lock function to prevent unintentional changes to menus





Shorter response times can be set (10 ms period time)


No additional delays due to module processors All hopping management is handled directly by the 32 bit main processor.


Synchronous servo operation made possible by simultaneous control of servo outputs in blocks of 4



Pilot feeling:


Essentially delay-free control responses due to direct processing


Real-time telemetry evaluation


Optional voice output for timers, telemetry data and warnings via headset connector


Repeat function and continue function for voice output can be programmed via freely assignable switches


Pre-selection of voice output to be used


Separately adjustable volume for beeps and voice output


Integrated telemetry display with 8 x 21 characters or 128 x 64 pixels, optionally in text or graphics form


Duration of display lighting: ALWAYS, 30 s, 60 s, 90 s, 120 s


Micro SD card slot for storage of telemetry data similar to a black box and for expansion of model memories


PC software for analysis or display of downloaded telemetry data


Buzzer signal programmable for peak T/P function receiver output, satellite receiver, simulators, flybarless stabilization systems, etc.


Model-memory-dependent binding, except for copied model memories


Wireless teacher/pupil function


3 flight phases programmable


Swashplate limiter


Motor off function


Numerous fixed-wing and helicopter mixers