קרא עוד

מערכת שלט רחוק FLASH 8 בעלת 8 ערוצים ברזולוצית שידור של 4096.

הערכה כוללת מקלט דגם OPTIMA 7 , מפסק, סוללות LI-FE 1400 למשדר+ מטען מקורי.

Our Flash 7 is the latest in our line of aircraft computer radios for beginners and experts alike.
With advanced built-in AFHSS / SLT flexibility, impressive 4096 resolution and ultra-low latency, this affordable, feature-packed transmitter brings ease and reliability to all pilots.
The Flash 7 allows you to store up to 20 models and has full telemetry capability to help you keep your finger on the pulse of all your models. Choose from three versions -- each including a bulletproof HITEC receiver.
Get flying fast with the Flash!


Built-in AFHSS / SLT Flexibility

4096 Resolution

Ultra-low Latency (7ms Frame Rate with Maxima RXs)

20 Model Memory

8 Character Model Naming

Acro / Glider / Helicopter Programming

Push Button and Jog Dial Programming Interface

Telemetry Capabilities