DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Android

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אזל במלאי
  • מותג: SPEKTRUM
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: SPM6410

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The DX6R is a no-compromise, smart radio that has everything a wide range of RC drivers could want and a few things they may have never thought they needed. Basher, racer, scaler, boater – it doesn't matter. Drive it ALL! You don't have to be an expert to enjoy what the DX6R delivers.

Below are just some of the favorite features users of all types are enjoying so far:


  • Easy to use Model Setup makes setting up AUX channels effortless
  • Total Motor-On-Axle Throttle Control
  • Four-Wheel Steering Customization
  • Innovative Drive Modes make changing how the vehicle performs as easy as a flip of a switch
  • Convenient Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity
  • Android and Google apps at your finger tips


  • Steering Override maneuverability
  • Blazing 5.5-Millisecond Frame Rate
  • Racer inspired ergonomics
  • Near limitless customizations and adjustments
  • Strategize with Voice Alert Timers
  • Real-time results via WiFi Internet Access
  • ESC control via Android apps for Tekin, Orion and more


  • Effortless Wizard-type Model Setup
  • Room for over 250 Models
  • Simple-to-adjust AVC® Technology
  • Bluetooth Model Transfer
  • Helpful Telemetry options for Voltage, Temp and Speed


  • Loaded with Full 6-Channel Flexibility
  • Intuitive channel setup process makes setting up travel, trims, and mixing easy
  • DSMR® Technology Provides Outstanding Range Agility
  • On the Fly (OTF) adjustability makes instant trimming tweaks possible
  • Helpful Telemetry options for Temp and Voltage

Powerful Capabilities

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Update to

Raceware V2.0 Firmware

The Spektrum team is dedicated to keeping your DX6R highly-tuned with amazing new features 
and updates. Here is what you get with new RaceWare V2. firmware:

  • The DX6R Scroll Wheel now has the added functionality of letting you scroll easily through menu screens.
  • The Steering Menu now offers Steering Override, which makes it possible to quickly change the rate of steering. With the simple toggle of a switch or button, smooth out response or take a curve even harder.
  • AVC Gain can now be fine-tuned in 1% increments so you can create a more dialed-in AVC experience.
  • The Model Setup Menu now has the most complete receiver and servo list possible.
  • Duplicating models is now faster and more seamless.
  • Improved Drive Mode naming and color assignment.
  • Aux Channel Naming is more intuitive by displaying names dynamically.
  • Optimized Channel Processor (CP) and Raceware App add significant stability and robustness to the overall operation.
  • In the unlikely event that the RaceWare app has a problem, users can assist with the investigation by completing a crash report that goes directly to Spektrum staff at the prompt.

Precision You Can Feel

Spektrum DSMR Race System DX6R