קרא עוד

Kit contents:

Pre-painted styrofoam component set, factory-fitted with 3 servos.

Pushrods and fittings such as control horns etc.

11,1V, 1300mAh, 20C Lipo battery

6-bIade ducted-fan with brushless outrunner

30A brushless controller

Multi colour decal sheet

Illustrated assembly instructions

Scale model of the jet flown by US Navy´s aerobatic team

The original

During the 1950´s and 60´s, the A-4 Skyhawk was in successful service with the US-Marines as a carrier-borne multi-role fighter bomber. Right into the 21st century, aircraft of this type are still being flown by several countries´ airforces. This highly manoeverable jet has become world-famous with the spectacular flying displays given by the "Blue Angels“, the US-Navy aerobatic team. We have chosen this aircraft from the "Blue Angels", from one of the batches of different models of the A4 Skyhawk, as the prototype for our model presented here.

The model

The foam constructed model consists of pre-painted components with all servos installed. The individual components, consisting of fuselage, wings, canopy, tailplane and fin, impress with their finely detailed skin panels, maintenance access panels, trim tabs etc. To complete the model, only the joining of the main components as well as fitting the aileron and elevator pushrods is required.

Due to its low weight and compact size, there is a surplus of performance which allows the wished for "Jet-Feeling" to be experienced. Fast rolls, large loops or tight turns underline the dynamic flight appearance and make the pilot´s pulse race.


Wingspan: 470 mm

All-up weight: 460 g

Wing Loading: 49.00 g/dm2

Wing area: 9.40 dm

Length: 690 mm